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Designer Faith Ann Kiely has a deep appreciation for the cultures of ancient Greece and Rome. Her creations feature intricately carved metal work and gemstones inspired by classical antiquity.

Designed and finely sculpted in New York City, her jewelry celebrates the aesthetics which remain in our modern culture.

After graduating from The Wharton School of Business, Faith began her 20-year career in jewelry, quickly rising through the ranks at several of New York's largest jewelry corporations. In 2011 she made the life-changing decision to launch her eponymous jewelry company.

We look forward to dazzling you with the artistry of Faith Ann Kiely. We have many of her pieces on display at Place Vendôme,  and can order  from either of her spectacular collections.

Faith Ann Kiely's collections include:

Corinthium: A glorious collection inspired by the ornamentation adorning the Corinithium Architectural Order featured in classical civilization. It is available in 18K yellow gold, silver, and silver with gold and colored gemstones such as citrine, garnet, prasiolite, blue topaz and amethyst.

Aquilum: A darker, bolder collection made predominantly of blackened sterling silver. Standout pieces include a winged cuff bangle, eagle pendant with sword, dangling earrings and single-wing ring.