Alla Belenkov

Alla Belenkov grew up in St Petersburg, the Russian city where the study of beauty is a tradition. She studied art history, drawing, and math stateside at Boston University, and honed her metalsmithing at Jewelry Art Institute and Bianca Lopez Studio in New York, as well as LeArti Orafe in Florence, Italy.

Alla's multifaceted education and extensive world travel fuel her creativity and lead her to experiment with hand fabrication techniques, such as granulation, fusing, metal forming, and chain weaving. High carat metals can be unpredictable, so Alla allows the nature of the materials to influence the final design of each handcrafted piece.

Fans of her jewelry are modern women who appreciate creativity, quality and a sense of history.  "We learn of past civilizations through the jewelry they've left behind," she says.

She creates her wearable art in her NYC studio. Her work is sold online and at Place Vendôme.

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